Our line of products offer formulations and solutions to improve or create a line of products to better serve the needs of you and your customers.

Our System

Our line of products offer formulations and solutions to improve or create a line of products to better serve the needs of you and your customers.

Mortar Admixtures

These admixtures are designed to create many different mortars and plaster mixes. VBM bonding mortars, Mac Mortars, Mac Scratch & Brown, texture coats, VP Joint Grout, etc… The possibilities are numerous. We can help guide you to creating a single product or a full system of mortars.

VBM Thin Brick Installation


Bonding mortar additive for improved bonding strength, non-sag, and tackiness of mortars for adhering masonry veneers. One component of VBM Bonding Mortars.

CCA (CemCoat Aid)

Highly water repellent additive for bonding mortars that further increases the bond strengths, non-sag, tackiness, flexural strength, and water repellency. 

CCA is also used to create highly water-repellent and waterproof coatings. 

Mortar Aid M-2

Used to make lime alternate mortars. Reduces shrinkage and cracking. Better bond strengths than standard type-s mortars.

Also great for Portland cement scratch & brown coats

Water repellent mortar sample

J-4 R-Repel Aid

Integral water repellent that adds water repellency to masonry mortars and helps to reduce the chance of efflorescence and water related damage.


Stains and Sealers

Our Stans and Sealers are designed for longevity, easy & safe handling, and moderately easy application.

Stained Driveway

Silica Shield-Stain

Silicate based stain for new or existing concrete, CMU, stone veneer, or many cement based substrates that have not been previously treated. Will be longer lasting than film forming coatings.

Cam Stain

Acrylic based stain that can be used over some previously coated substrates. 

Hard Top

Hard polymer sealer for masonry, concrete, pavers, and more.

Silica Shield-Sealer

Water resistant sealer for use over Silica Shield-Stain or previously untreated cement based substrates.

Silox PS-2

Penetrating sealer that produces high water repellency. Sold as a concentrate to be diluted per individual job requirements.

Concrete Admixtures

Our concrete admixtures serve as problem solvers and utilities to better achieve results in their respective fields.

J-4 R-Repel Aid

When added to cement mixes, it helps reduce efflorescence potential and water absorption of the slab that is being poured. This helps protect reinforcing steel, protects from sulfate damage, and reduces efflorescence potential.

R-Grout Aid

Expanding masonry cell grout that improves cell wall adhesion, reduces separation and segregation, improves flow and more.

Concrete Slump Measure

Slump Aid

Water reducing additive that helps increase concrete slump without over watering.

Accessory Products

Products to enhance properties of installation materials.


This liquid polymer additive may be added to VBM bonding mortars. Adds flexural strength.

For applications not exposed to direct sunlight.

Brick Pavers Bonded to Concrete


This liquid acrylic polymer additive may be added to MAC Mortar, VP Joint Grout mortar, or VBM mortars.

UV stable. May be used in direct sun exposure applications.


R-Lastic is a versatile fluid applied waterproof membrane over concrete and masonry. Waterproofing. Bonding adhesive. Crack isolation membrane.