Hard Top:

Hard Top is a water bassed, self cross-linking acrylic sealer for concrete, concrete pavers, brick, clay pavers, unglazed tile, grout and most natural stone. This unique coating provides durability and chemical resistance similar to urethanes with the ease of application and re-coatability of acrylics. Hard Top provides hot tire resistance and is suitable for driveways and garage floors. It has excellent water and blush resistance and may be used in wet environments. Its chemical resistance provides protection in garages, kitchens, around pools and many harsh environments. VOC compliant Hard Top is available in several gloss formulations.

Hard Top is recommended as a sealer and joint sand stabilizer for concrete pavers.
– Water Based
– Oil Resistant
– Chemical Resistant
– Water Repellent
– Easy Handling & Application
– Blush Resistant
– Interior – Exterior
– Hot tire resistant
– Joint Sand Stabilizer
– Reduces efflorescence